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jMaki 1.0.3 available

Posted by carlavmott on December 17, 2007 at 8:23 PM PST

jMaki, a client server framework for creating Ajax web applications, is how shipping release 1.0.3. This release contains several bug fixes, and integrates Yahoo UI 2.4 release. In addition, one of the developers, Ahmad Zawawi, wrote a test harness using JS/glue/JSP and updated the the Yahoo and Dojo unit tests to run in the test harness. Now we can run the unit tests automatically. Currently we are testing that the widgets get loaded. Future plans include integration with 2.4.0 YUI asynchronous Test suite.

Ahmad's work has been a great help in testing this release and we will look to automated testing as part of the builds. I've uploaded the test bundles that contain the latest changes. You can run the tests manually or try out the automated harness.

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