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jMaki wrappers for ExtJs now available

Posted by carlavmott on December 27, 2007 at 10:19 AM PST

In a joint effort with the ExtJs toolkit team, the jMaki wrappers for the ExtJs 1.1 toolkit are now available, Included are wrappers for the menu, grid and tree widgets from the ExtJs toolkit. The wrappers support the jMaki data and event models as described on our wiki.

You have several options for including the widget library in your application. If you use NetBeans follow the instructions for adding the jmaki-charting widget library on Ludo's blog. Simply load the ExtJs library you downloaded instead of jmaki-charting. You can then drag and drop widgets from the palette into your application. Otherwise unzip the widget library into your application and add the appropriate tag to your page. For example, the ExtJs grid tag including default data looks like:

 <a:widget name="Ext.grid"
    value="{columns : [
     { label : 'Title', id : 'title'},
     { label :'Author', id : 'author'},
     { label : 'ISBN', id : 'isbn'},
     { label : 'Description', id : 'description'}
     rows : [
     { title : 'Book Title 1', author : 'Author 1', isbn: '4412', description : 'A Some long description'},
     { id : 'bar', title : 'Book Title 2', author : 'Author 2', isbn : '4412', description : 'A Some long description'}
     }" />
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