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speaking at Community One

Posted by caroljmcdonald on April 19, 2008 at 11:16 AM PDT

Speaking at CommunityOne 2008

Kito Mann
and I  are
speaking at CommunityOne
on: "Examining
a Sample Application Built in Three Ways: Java™ Platform, Enterprise
Edition (Java EE Platform), Spring 2.5, and Seam 2.0 Deployed on the
GlassFish™ Project". CommunityOne is the day before JavaOne (May
05), its free, and you can learn about a wide range of open source

Our talk is May 05 12:25 - 13:20    Moscone South -
Esplanade 305. Here is the abstract:

This session looks at the implementation of the same web application
developed with three open source frameworks and highlights what was
done differently with each one. First it explains the implementation of
the sample application with JavaServer™ Faces and Enterprise JavaBeans™
3.0 (EJB™ 3.0) technology and the Java™ Persistence API (JPA). Next it
looks at how this application was developed with JavaServer Faces
technology, the JPA, and Spring 2.5. Finally, it looks at this
application developed with JavaServer Faces and EJB 3.0 technology, the
JPA, and Seam 2.0. The presentation highlights differences in the
frameworks, such as the Seam context model for stateful components. All
three versions were deployed on GlassFish™ project V2, and the source
code is available in my blog.

C1_170x93_SpeakerB.gif src=""
height="93" width="170">

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I enjoyed your talk in JavaOne, and actually it was one of the best out there. Thanks! I just downloaded your slides and sample codes to demo to our folks in the company. They'll love it!

Thanks, I appreciate it !!

I have uploaded the slides and all 3 of the sample apps here:

Darn, I'll miss your talk by four hours. It sounds VERY interesting, though; I'm interested in your evaluation of the three different solutions (pro and cons of each, if you have them). Will your slides be available for download? Thanks, Don

Thanks Carol. Good luck with your talks.