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jMaki Presentation slides and Sample code

Posted by caroljmcdonald on June 6, 2008 at 4:26 PM PDT

jMaki Presentation slides and Sample code

jMaki is a lightweight
framework for creating Web 2.0 applications using standards-based
technologies such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. I have updated the href="">Sun
Tech Days  jMaki presentation I am giving in Manilla with
explanatory notes for the slides.  I have also updated the href="">Dynamic
Ajax table example using jMaki and Java Persistence APIs on Glassfish
on my blog. Download the href="">presentation
and sample code.

Deploy the sample code as
described in the blog, try out the example, look at the code, read the
slides, learn about the jMaki framework.

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Hi Carol! Nice work! I would like to send you a Pet Catalog implemented with the Mentawai framework: Is it possible? Thanks! Sergio (sergio.oliveira.jr at

very nice presentation.. (I also quoted your slides in my blog). Questions:

  1. How is the integration between jaki and JAXWS soap web-services?
  2. After creating the project in Netbeans, can I use Eclipse to maintain it? My OSS project is based on ANT scripts, so I don't want to lock my code in any IDE ;)

Very useful material.. thanks a lot for that.

Hi, jMaki provides a generic proxy to web services in the form of the XmlHttpProxy (XHP) client. The XmlHttpProxy module provides a means for widgets to access JSON or XML RESTful services outside of the web application domain. jmaki also has an eclipse plugin. Also jmaki has sample code with ant scripts.