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MySQL for Developers Screencast and Slides

Posted by caroljmcdonald on March 18, 2009 at 10:31 PM PDT


Here is a screencast about MySQL  for Developers

If you are a developer using MySQL, you should learn enough to take
advantage of its strengths, because having an understanding of the
database can help you develop better-performing applications. This
session will talk about MySQL database design and SQL tuning for
developers. Some topics include:

  • MySQL Storage Engine Architecture
  • Schema, the basic foundation of performance
  • Think about performance when choosing Data Types
  • Indexes and SQL tuning
  • Understanding SQL Statements using EXPLAIN
  • Scans and seeks
  • Solving performance problems in your queries
  • A Few Things to consider for JPA/Hibernate devlopers, Lazy
    loading and Optimistic locking

You can download the slides here


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Nice, good stuff :)