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Welcome, part 2....

Posted by cdibona on February 3, 2004 at 4:40 PM PST

Last week, I spoke about the mission for as being bringing Java on Linux up to par with Java deployed and developed on Solaris, NT and others. The other mission, the yin to the yang of cross platform portability, is the linux (and open source) -specific things. For instance , a library to manage or interface with the /proc or /dev filesystems. A program to interact with the different distributions package managers. Or a suite of programs to manage deployment across a number of machines

A prominent proprietary software example of this would be Veritas' opforce, which uses java across a number platforms and interacts with the system specifics, interfacing with package management, system monitoring and other very os specific things. These kinds of abstraction levels, one might argue, is something that Java is well suited for, and therefore is the kind of thing, from a Linux perspective that we want to promote and create here on ljn.

An example might include a class that inspects rpm contents,or classes that would collect and inject data into the proc filesystem for tuning would be something that would be the kind of thing I'm talking about.

We don't really need to stop with Linux specific things either. Linux as you know rarely comes as just a kernel! Java programs and classes that interact with open source technologies are something that we interested in as well. Site visitor Fernando Lozano points us to the java/gnome clases and of course the jpackage resource.

Regarding Blogs and Article Writing,

Art will be posting some guidelines here in a few days. We've already gotten some good abstracts submitted and people offering to do a blog or two. We need to highlight more people doing cool things with Java on Linux, so stay tuned...

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