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Miscellaneous Stuff n Things

Posted by chet on December 14, 2004 at 8:36 AM PST

Think of this blog as an IV drip for my blog; I have to come back occasionally and check on the patient to see how he's doing, and administer the right drugs to make sure the heartbeat monitor still goes "Ping!" at the proper rate.

I am still intent on writing various articles, and actually have several in the works (or at least in the attic of my mind), but time to devote to the articles comes and goes, so my production rate is somewhat erratic.

But since there hasn't been a real blog posting for a while, I thought I'd better post something small just to let the little blog know that I'm thinking of him, even if I'm spending my quality time on other things.

Here's some miscellaneous items, all of which probably deserve longer and more substantial postings. So pretend, if you will, that each of these blurbs is actually a full-blown article, deep, engaging, thought-provoking, controversial, and fully satisfying, but ultimately forgettable, and all you are left with is the summaries below. This deception on our collaborative parts will allow me to actually post these things now instead of waiting for a time when I could actually write the full-blown articles they deserve....

1) NetBeans Release Day Cometh!

The 2nd Release Candidate of this free IDE is now available, with the
full release version coming soon to a URL near you (such as

The team and community have put major efforts into this release, completely reimplementing vast portions of the tool and interface.
So if you used NetBeans in prior incarnations, it's worth checking out the latest version because it's a whole new tool.
Some of the highlights that make this worth the download and investigation include:

  • It's free!
  • It's faster than before (both in startup and runtime)
  • It's free!
  • It's got a much better native look and feel than previous versions.
  • It's free!
  • No more "mounting" of projects; this rather obtuse mechanism for
    creating and using projects is history. Now you just load files and projects the way you would expect from any application or tool.
  • It's free!

So check it out and let the team know how it works for you. Or better yet, join the project and help make it even better!

2) Timing is Everything

In response to several requests for an article on timing, I have something nice in the works. I'm working on some general timing utilities that enhance what the Timer classes currently offer, but also show how to use the existing Timer classes effectively. I see these utilities as a stepping stone toward
even more functionality and APIs that should make timing and animation easier and more powerful in the future.

Stay tuned for this first installment. I hope to finish it up before the holidays (of course, I also hoped to finish it 3 weeks ago, but have since completely revamed the utilities and need to rewrite the article). I'm not sure where it will be published yet, but I'll certainly link to it from my blog, so watch this space...

3) JavaOne

Yes, we're behind on the Call For Papers. But there's a hard deadline that won't shift (the actual conference dates: June 27-30th of 2005: you know you have to reserve places like Moscone for
years, sometimes even 5-10 years in advance?). So the Call For Papers will definitely happen soon (current plan is in the next 2 weeks), and things will get rolling quickly after that.
Got any bright ideas for papers? Or topics you would like to see covered? Post a comment, or better yet, submit a paper to the Call for Papers (

4) Effects

Another topic kicking around in my mind is Swing/2D effects for rich clients. I'd like to get some time to jot down some of these ideas. There's various items here such as animated transitions (something we've demonstrated before, but could probably do a better job of showing how to actually do it).

That's it for now: just had to get this stuff out there to get it out of my attic and onto the front lawn, where hopefully I will have a chance to sort through it all before the sprinklers come on.

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