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Chat with Chet and Scott

Posted by chet on February 14, 2005 at 7:45 AM PST

Another short dereference blog, in a series of short dereference blogs. This one's a pointer to the upcoming chat with Scott Violet and myself on Getting High Performance from Your Desktop Client.

The main message here is to log on to the chat site Tuesday, February 15th, at 11 am PST and send us some questions. The more people, the better the questions, the better the chat.

The secret message here, the reward for having read this far in this obscure blog entry, is that you have the opportunity to pre-stuff the ballot box. All chats start out slowly; everyone is just logging on, they're not sure whether to ask their question yet, a question may only occur to someone after they've seen other related chatter, whatever. So there are always a few questions that we have up our sleeve to start the conversation off (you know, things like "Scott, why is Swing just so darned wonderful?"). We can certainly come up with a few of these, but wouldn't it be better if you did instead?

Send some feedback into the blog below and we'll take these questions along to the chat with us. I can't promise they'll get asked; it depends on what the traffic is like. But I can promise that I'll see your questions below before I see any other questions during the chat...

Update: The chat transcript is now live; enjoy!

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