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Smaller is better? What about Faster?

Posted by chet on April 5, 2005 at 5:56 PM PDT

There are a few questions in the world that you can pretty much get guaranteed answers to:

  • Would you like a lot of money?
  • Would you like a sock in the mouth?
  • Do you want the last donut?

In our geeky corner of the universe, we have similar "Well, duh!" questions like:

  • Do you want Java to start up faster?
  • Do you want your Java application to take up less space in memory?
  • Do you want the last donut? (Some questions are universal)

Of course, the reality of software development is that there are not infinite resources you can shovel into solving every problem, and that a fix in one area may have tradeoff implications in others. For example, what if I said I could make your app start up 10% faster, but it would cost you 10% more memory footprint - is this worth the tradeoff to you?

It is for this reason that we recently posted a survey, to attempt to get a reality check on what problems you are having, and what your priorities are that you'd like us to think about.

Yes, it's a survey. Sorry about that. I'd prefer not to have a survey about this because, let's face it, noone actually likes surveys except the people on the phone that are paid to adminster them. And even they hate them. But we really do need to ask a bunch of questions and get a bunch of answers ... and that pretty much left us with a survey. That, or one of those eightball fortune telling things from my childhood, but I'd rather not set the future of J2SE development on that rather tenuous decision process.

So please, please, please take a few minutes and fill out this survey. The data will be used. It will help drive priorities and realities for the engineering group looking into these exact issues.


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