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JavaOne 2006: Ideas for Desktop Talks?

Posted by chet on November 1, 2005 at 2:07 PM PST

What makes a good conference? Okay, the quality of the candy between sessions is pretty important, but arguably of more importance (at least in justifying the cost to your boss) is the quality and applicability of the technical sessions.

In the interest of having the Greatest JavaOne Ever, I'm putting out this request: what would you like to see at the conference? What are the must-see topics? What speakers should we try to get? What are particular talks you'd like to hear? What are cretive new ideas for the conference overall, or for covering particular topics?

The JavaOne organizers have posted forums this year to help collect this feedback. If you have feedback for the Desktop Track, please contribute to the Desktop forum. Likewise for the other tracks, or for the conference overall. Go to the forums and let us know...

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