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Be Deployed (the Deployment team is hiring)

Posted by chet on April 5, 2006 at 11:30 AM PDT

Jobs 'n' Jokes

Let's see; how should I start this?

Launch yourself into a new career...

Deploy yourself at Sun...

Pack200 your things and come work with us...

Install yourself into the deployment team...

Plug in to a new team...

Hmmm. How about something more straightforward...

Get a job.

The Deployment team at Sun is hiring; maybe we're looking for you! This is
the team that creates all of the technologies that get Java packaged,
delivered, and running on your system, including such products as Plugin, Java
Web Start, the Java installer, and Pack200 compression technology. The
team is in need of assistance in a couple of areas:

  • Installer: We are looking for a college hire (hopefully
    with some experience, at least at the intern level) to help out with the
    Installer product on multiple platforms.

  • Common components: This is a more senior position for
    developing common components used in nearly all of the Deployment

Note that both positions are for the Burlington, Massachusetts location (no working remotely for these jobs). Want to apply? Check out the job site links above for more information and submit your resume on the site.

Meanwhile, I figured this blog entry was a good opportunity for bad deployment

What do you call a browser applet that...

...takes up all the space on the page?

gapplet targeted at notebook computers? lapplet for chatting? yapplet for driving directions? mapplet dull? napplet awful? (starts with "cr") about big city in the Midwest? Minneapplet a plumbing ad? tapplet used for creating hip hop music? rapplet a fighting game? slapplet a wrestling game? grapplet an ad for gift decorations? wrapplet a pharmaceutical ad? capplet
...deserves an ovation? clapplet a lingerie ad? strapplet about big city on the East coast? Big Applet about a small person? chapplet
...Causes a small controversy? flapplet

But remember, the job postings are no joke. So if you think you might be
interested, please applet apply.

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