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JavaOne 2006: Aren't You Registered Yet?

Posted by chet on April 14, 2006 at 7:57 AM PDT

I've been meaning to blog about this for some time now, but work tends to get
in the way.

I'll make this quick: the main message here is that the Desktop Track is
looking better than ever this year. Besides the fact that we've got the
usual array of interesting stuff to talk about and the neatest demos on the
block, there's an additional twist this year that I'm pretty happy about; way
more participation from the community.

This year, we went out of our way to recruit known Desktop Java
developers to submit good, deep technical talks. The responses we got were
fantastic, and the result was that most of the Desktop sessions this year are
from outside Sun. Even better, most of those sessions are from people whose
work you probably know and people that are known to be good speakers with
lots of interesting stuff to talk about (and lots of interesting code to show

For example, here is a small sampling of the hot sessions from
Desktop community people:

  • Yahoo!'s Ethan Nicholas (one of last year's
    Top 20

    speakers) will be talking about his JAXX framework for XML User Interfaces

  • Swing consultant and's Ben Galbraith (another Top 20 speaker) will discuss Eight Ways to Be
    More Productive Developing Swing Applications"

  • IBM's Joe Winchester (JDJ editor) will give the session "It's Not Over Till the
    Fat Client Sings"

  • IBM's Steve Northover (SWT Lead) will give an in-depth intro to SWT

  •'s Scott Delap will give a session on the Event Dispatch Thread

  • JGoodies' Karsten Lentszch has multiple sessions: "Desktop Patterns and Data
    Binding" and "Do's and Dont's for Swing Applications"

  • There will also be a BOF panel with Ben, Joe, Karsten, and Scott (above),
    as well as some Sun folks, on the future of Desktop Java; that should prove to
    be a lively interactive discussion that I encourage everyone to attend and
    participate in.

I subjectively think there are some great sessions from my group at Sun as well,
such as:

  • Scott Violet, Romain Guy, and Shannon Hickey (all Top 20 speakers from last
    year) will do another installment of their hit session from last year, "Extreme
    GUI Makeover: Lookin' Better"

  • Scott Violet and Richard Bair will have in-depth sessions on databinding and
    data access strategies (after all, a GUI without data is just a prototype)

  • Of course my personal favorite, maybe just because of the title, is the session
    I'll be giving with Romain Guy, Chris Campbell, and Ken Russell, "Filthy Rich

There are a lot of great Desktop sessions I haven't listed above; I encourage
you to
check them out

And of course there are great sessions in the other tracks as well.  Just
make sure you don't miss your favorite Desktop sessions.  There will be no
makeup test.

So check out the
conference site
and register

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