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Let's Get Serious

Posted by chet on September 18, 2006 at 7:27 AM PDT

Some intrepid readers have noticed both the paucity (I love that word!) of posting and the humor-driven content in this blog of late. That is, I haven't posted a lot lately, and what's there has been more in the realm of Java jokes than Java graphics.

Like any good politician, I won't apologize, but I can attempt to explain...

Java and Graphics: Don't worry, I'm still working on technical stuff, some of it very cool indeed. And I'm definitely interested in writing about it. I just don't have anything ready to post yet. There should be some good material coming out when it's good and ready. And some passable stuff coming out before it's completely baked. I promise.

Humor: Sorry, it's just been where my head's at lately. And in my defense, I'll just note that the precedent and tendency was there from the very beginning.

I can't promise not to post jokes here in the future (nor can I promise they'll all be funny). But in an attempt to provide an outlet for general (non-Java-graphics-related) humor, I've created another blog. Like ant poison, it may not actually kill the colony, but at least it may draw the critters away from your Fruit Loops. So if you don't like the jokes, you know a blog to avoid. But if you're brave and foolhardy, check out It's a lonely little blog and it would love some company.

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