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Desktop Matters

Posted by chet on February 13, 2007 at 8:01 AM PST

Hey, desktop fans:

  • Tired of searching for the talks on Desktop in conferences that spout acronyms
    like acne?

  • Want to hear more about Swing and less about Spring? (Actually, that joke
    doesn't really work since there will
    be a talk on Spring RCP ... but at least it'll be on desktop-focused

  • Want to eat lunch with less than 10,000 of your close, personal conference

  • Want to come to a focused conference that is only and exactly about the stuff
    that you need to know? 

Swing expert and JavaOne "Rock Star" speaker
Ben Galbraith
has set up a the Desktop Matters conference that's all about Desktop:


It's March 8-9 in
San Jose
. There will be 
from lots of different companies. 
on various desktop technologies. It's mostly about desktop
Java, but there will also be sessions on Apollo, WPF, and Cocoa.

Come join us there; it should be a fun deep-dive into our world.

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