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Desktop [Really] Matters

Posted by chet on March 11, 2007 at 10:43 AM PDT

Thanks to Ben Galbraith for organizing a great conference on Desktop Java. It was wonderful to gather a group of people focused on desktop stuff. We heard sessions on frameworks and approaches that other people are taking with the platform and had great opportunities to tell people where we're trying to take Swing, and to get feedback on where the community would like us to take it.

It's always nice to meet people that you know from your virtual life online, such as Kirill and Eitan. I look forward to working with these folks more in the future, as well as seeing them at future conferences.

I won't do an overview here, but there are other blogs that hit some of the highlights, such as Ben's, Eitan's, and Kirill's, so you might read those blogs as well. In case you're curious about the animation stuff that I discussed (unfortunately without Romain, who was unable to work out visa/passport issues in time), I'm posting the PDFs of my talk on the Timing Framework as well Romain's presentation on
Filthy Rich Clients

I'll also be doing a presentation (on behalf of Romain, still stuck in line at the US Consulate, waiting for a visa) on Filthy Rich Clients at the ServerSide Java Symposium (who knew?), and Romain and I will be doing another version at JavaOne this year (Filthy Rich Clients: Talk Dirty to Me), in addition to a Filthy Rich Clients JavaU course that will go longer and deeper.

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