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Obligatory Amazon link

Posted by chet on March 22, 2007 at 2:12 PM PDT

We finished writing the book in January.

We finished editing and rewriting it in February.

We submitted the final (pre-formatted-and-copy-edited) content to the publisher weeks ago.

Yet still, it feels like the book wasn't real until it showed up on Amazon. Here's the draft of the cover:


Note the "July 2007" release date. Note also that the final Harry Potter book is also due to be released in July. Mere coincidence? Perhaps Ms. Rowling is just trying to catch the wake of our immense marketing plans and blinding success in the consumer reader space. I expect bundling deals on Amazon are in the works ("Buy Harry Potter with Filthy Rich Clients today for the low price of ...", "Be a Swing wizard!", ...).

We're hoping to have something releasable in time for JavaOne, but it looks like it might be a "rough cut" (beta version, download for purchase) and possibly a beta book version at the show. But in any case, the real thing should be widely available by July (due to contract stipulations with Ms. Rowling's publisher over co-bundling deals, for one thing).

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