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FXtive Programming

Posted by chet on July 26, 2007 at 8:12 AM PDT

Welcome to the first in hopefully a series of pieces on JavaFX Script. In future
posts, I hope to actually do some coding and investigations on my own, but for
now, I'm just going to link to the interesting work that others are doing.

In particular, the JavaFX folks now have a first-cut at a
compiler for JavaFX Script
.  One of the things holding back the
language from being ready for prime time is that it was initially interpreted
only, which was a bottleneck to good execution performance in general. With the
advent of the compiler, now open-sourced and being developed in the community,
the language should perform much better and be closer to an environment we
could all use for desktop application development. Of course, this will just
shift the performance bottleneck elsewhere, which is why a full-on
Direct3D-accelerated Java2D pipeline is in the plans for the
Consumer JRE release

There is also a NetBeans plugin
that offers enhanced capabilities for editing JavaFX Script programs; a handy
thing for anyone doing serious hacking with the language.

Finally, there are always more cool Java
FX Script demos
, like the Casual IM client. Playing around with
the demos is one of the best ways to see how everything works. I
would encourage you to check out the JavaFXPad demo in particular; it's an
interactive demo that shows the results of your changes as you type them into
the code window. The demo is also available in the NetBeans plugin for JavaFX,
as of the NetBeans 6 M9 build.

That's it for now. Hopefully I'll get some time soon to dive in and do some
hacking with the language and see how filthy I can get.

(For background on JavaFX Script, check out the
project site. There are lots of demos to play with that help
describe what the project, language, and concept are all about.)

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