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Of Interviews, Java, JavaFX, and Other Filthy Things

Posted by chet on July 31, 2007 at 8:18 AM PDT

I did some interviews recently with Ed Ort, from the
team, and Kuldip Oberoi, from the SDN Channel. The
interview with Ed
, cleverly entitled Filthy Rich Clients, covers
the book, creating and using
filthy rich effects, and Desktop Java in general. There are also some
screencasts of various demos from the book that show off some of the filthy rich ideas.
The interview with Kuldip,
also cleverly called Filthy Rich Clients, is about JavaFX and
Java desktop technologies.

Meanwhile, Romain has posted the demos from chapters 12 and 13. These are the demos from the first half of the Animation section in the book. Next week we should see the demos from chapters 14 and 15, which are all about the Timing Framework. Then hopefully the next upload will be everything else, coincidentally timed with the availability of the book itself.

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