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Train Req: Want to Intern at Sun?

Posted by chet on July 9, 2007 at 11:26 AM PDT

The desktop Java group is looking for interns to help us out. Of particular interest are students (at the undergrad or grad level) that have app-level experience and skils in both design and development. For example, an intern could help us out by developing demo applications using some of the new consumer-oriented platform features that we are working on.

Sound like fun? Interested in a job with Sun during a school break or formal internship program? Send us your resume and let's talk.

We're a bit late in the season for getting Summer interns, but we're looking for people immediately if that works for you. Otherwise, if you have a planned internship later this year, we can talk about coming on board then instead (let's call it a "winternship").

We're still filing the formal paperwork for the positions; I'll post links to them here when they're up and you can submit your resumes directly. In the meantime, if you can divine my super-secret email address, feel free to send me a resume which I will duly forward (I just don't feel like posting the address on this public site, much as I like spam...).

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