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My JavaPolis07 Slides

Posted by chet on December 20, 2007 at 11:11 AM PST

I just returned (after a couple of long and fun flights, described on my
other blog posting
) from JavaPolis,
a fantastic conference on all things Java (and some not) in Antwerp, Belgium.

I know what you're thinking: "I wish I could visit northern Europe in December.
It's such a gray, wet, cold time of year." And you're right. I found Antwerp particularly inviting to visit with all of the warmest clothes I own; light, cotton articles that are able to sustain freezing California temperatures down to nearly 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

It's true that
JavaPolis does not suffer the weather distractions of events in other cities
such as San Francisco, Orlando, or Duluth. It's like what a friend of mine said
who worked for a large software company in Redmond, Washington.
Everyone there works long hours because, well, there's not much
reason to go outside between, like, September and June. So you might as well
stay in the office and keep hacking. At JavaPolis, you might as well attend
another session. Or have another Belgian beer.  Try the Lambic. Or the
Geuze. Or the Kriek (cherry-flavored Geuze), if you can find one that's not too

You should try to attend next year, but register early - it sold out
this year. It definitely has the highest chair-comfort-per-Euro of any
conference I've been to . Swank movie theaters are awesome for this kind
of event. Unless you're the presenter, in which case you have the distinct
impression that the entire audience is sleeping through your talk because
everyone's settled so comfortably and quietly into their seats.

I'll let other
cover the spectrum of what they saw at the conference. I
will just stick to posting my presentations here in case anyone's
interested. Note that the Scene Graph and Filthy Makeover sessions will
eventually be online in video form at;
think of these presentations as placeholders until the real deal is posted.

Scene Graph:
This presentation was at the end of Richard Bair's university day session,
entitled "Swinging RIAs." It's an introduction to the new
Scene Graph project
posted on, which is a module of the Java
FX platform and is now available in early early [early] access form for Java

: This presentation was a combination of prior
Filthy Rich Clients
 and as Extreme GUI Makeover talks (from the
past couple of JavaOne conferences). The talk covered a sampling of filthy rich
techniques and then showed them in action in the context of larger applications
from the GUI Makeover talks. Then I walked through some code in the editor to
show how, when you get right down to it, the code to enable the effects in real
applications is pretty darn close to the code as described for filthy rich
clients. The video for this presentation should be particularly
interesting, or at least more involved than the slides here, since much of the
new content for the talk was in the interactive demos and code walkthroughs,
which are represented in this slide deck by less informative "Demo"

Java Consumer Releases
: This BOF was about the upcoming Update N
and Java FX releases, and discussed the various features going into these
releases. There won't be a video of this talk (BOF's don't get that special
treatment), but the slides are hopefully self-explanatory.

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