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Scene Graph: Demo-licious

Posted by chet on January 17, 2008 at 10:28 AM PST

In the dark ages, before the Scene Graph
project was public, development on the library was coupled with development of demo
applications. These demos were written for various reasons: to test new functionality,
to get a feel for the API and development experience, to have benchmarks for performance
tuning, and to have stuff to show when we talked about it at

When we made the Scene Graph library public, we also wanted to make our demo applications
public. But there was one big problem; unlike the library itself, we hadn't written
those applications with the public, or even anyone but ourselves, in mind. And publishing
code that you haven't actually sanity-checked can be unwise. So we
posted the library with just the Nodes demo (quickly cleaned up for the occasion, like putting a tuxedo
on a homeless guy),
and the intention of going back to get the other demos in a publishable state.

Now, a month later, we think we're there; we've created a
new project
on to host all of our public demos, including the Nodes
demo already published as well as the jPhone demo discussed in
my previous blog entry
. You can go to that project, run the demos, see the
code, sync up to the source base, and play around with all of them.

Feedback (on the demos or the Scene Graph in general) should use the forums and
aliases on the Scene Graph project,
not the demos project (at least until we figure out how to disable those elements
on that project). It's helpful to funnel all of the feedback through one

So what are you reading this for? Go to the
project and enjoy the new stuff. It's demo-licious.

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This should be interesting when it opens up :) 3D Scene Graph Demos for Java FX (scenario3d-demos) Incubator Project

Can this interact in any clever/good way with Java3D and its scene graphs?

As I noted on Jasper Potts' blog, Scene Graph and Nimbus can play pretty well together. I hope that the two projects do the minimum necessary to ensure reasonable performance.