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Posted by chet on May 23, 2009 at 2:21 PM PDT

Romain Guy and I will hit the stage again at JavaOne this year to talk about animation.

Our talk this year will be a bit different from past years. First of all, it will be less about nitty-gritty code and more about concepts as we explore higher-level ideas of animation and what we can learn and apply from traditional cartoon animation to animated GUIs. Secondly, Romain will be be dressed in a gorilla suit.

Our session is on Wednesday at 11:05 and again on Friday at 2:30 (this repeat session may be given in Esperanto).

I haven't had time to see what else is on for the week, but I did notice that there's a "Filthy Rich Clients" session on Thursday morning after the keynote. I've never seen this session from the audience point of view; I might check it out. Otherwise, I'll be floating around sessions that I won't be allowed into because I haven't bothered to pre-register for them. I will also be speaking, demoing, and generally hanging out at the Adobe booth. Stop by, say hi, bring chocolate cookies.

Now, back to working on demos for our talk.

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