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NetBeans startup settings, a UI module to change it.

Posted by claudio on December 18, 2005 at 7:52 AM PST

NetBeans IDE as a pure Java Swing app, can use any JVM parameters, it can be specified at netbeans.conf file, as Charlie Hunt blogged about that, see NetBeans IDE: Adding/Changing JVM command line args. Then as Charlie asked to contribute a plugin to configure NetBeans startup settings, I decided to try it, an developed the plugin, see a small screenshot below (click to enlarge).

View image

It's almost done, probably in next few days I will post the NBM (NetBeans module install package).

Do yout think the UI is good, needs some improvement ? I am not very good on UI things, so please, drop a message.

Some improvements I plan to do:
1. optimized parameters will suggest some -X and others JVM parameters
2. restore orginal settings
3. any other you want to see ? drop a message.

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Editing netbeans.conf file programatically

Hi Claudio,
I was trying to edit the netbeans.config file "netbeans_default_userdir" entry value . By default the value is netbeans_default_userdir="${HOME}/.netbeans/6.8/1" I have written a java code which reads the file and tries to replace the entry with a different directory path for eg: netbeans_default_userdir="${HOME}/netbeans/Test". The program executes but the entry doesnt change. Where am I going wrong? Is the approach correct?
Thanks & Regards,
Swati Sharma.

The netbeans.conf is like a

The netbeans.conf is like a properties file. Try to use java.util.Properties class.