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Two new flash demos and NetBeans Module update

Posted by claudio on December 29, 2005 at 10:57 PM PST

The community is awesome to provide feedback about quality and features. The comments left to the previous entry, made me improve the NetBeans Module Startup Settings I am developing.


1) a drop-down with presets of jvm parameters

2) library of jvm options with a short description for each one

3) links to performance related websites

Open this image on a popup window
Click the image to see a larger version (popup)

Flash started to be popular as a way to explain something which normally takes many words to write it. Then, I created two flash demos, related to the following subjects:

1) Show how to add custom swing widgets to the palette manager (3,6 MB)

2) How to use GridbagLayout and Freedesign (aka: Matisse) each one with different JPanels, but inside one JPanel (or JFrame). (2,6 MB)

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