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NetBeans Dream Team ?

Posted by claudio on November 4, 2006 at 4:17 PM PST

Sun and NetBeans are putting a tremendous effort to put NetBeans IDE/Platform on the lead of the IDE race. I don't known exactly when this effort started, but I suppose it was at 4.1, since then a lot of energy/blogging/tutorials/releases came out to demonstrate the power of NetBeans.

As I am subscribed to netbeans mailing lists, I see how the number of participants got larger at every release, much more questions and bug reporting. Afff, the community is getting bigger.

So big that they are choosing which community member will be part of NetBeans Dream Team.

If you think you apply for the slot, be fast, the doors are open until nov, 17.

I see the link at the community page, but didn't see any blog entry related to that such important event, so be here.