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NetBeans startup settings, beta version

Posted by claudio on April 2, 2008 at 9:45 AM PDT

A long time ago I have developed a plugin to NetBeans to graphically configure netbeans.conf file. The plugin is "NetBeans Startup Settings".

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NetBeans plugin portal page

project page at

NetBeans Plugin information


Currently to add or change any NetBeans parameter (font size, jvm
argument, look and feel), a etc/netbeans.conf file needs to be edited.

So this module, can make it easy to change those parameters, see below screenshot and feature list:

Feature list

  • Backup and restore original settings (etc/netbeans.conf)
  • Able to configure and store different JDK and NetBeans user directory
  • Store settings (jdk and userdir) under JDK Preference API
  • Support to on-line updates through update center
  • LGPL license
  • If specified userdir doesn't exist, a new one will be created


  • JDK 5 or higher
  • NetBeans 6.x
  • A writable $HOME/.java/.userPrefs directory

Currently, it is beta quality: 0.1 beta

the NBM

see the changelog

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The changes are made at installdir/etc/netbeans.conf
Actually, I didn't consider the userdir/etc/netbeans.conf option. Because I never heard of people using it.
But if community wants this functionality, I will do it.

This sounds good Claudio. I was wondering if you are allowing the user to place changes in the userdir/etc/netbeans.conf and/or the installdir/etc/netbeans.conf directory? I haven't gotten to give it a try yet, but will do it later this evening, but what I'm talking about is summarized at:

and would allow for users to store their settings in their user directories as well, but you may already be doing it. I'll give it a try as soon as possible.

Thanks, Wade

Hi mrmorris, the Startup Settings Plugin is not bundled by default. You need to download it from the link provided above. I have tested it against windows and linux. Works fine.

Can anyone confirm that it works with NB6.1? I do not find any startup settings.