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Tools and Tips to Diagnose Performance Issues at Jazoon 2008

Posted by claudio on April 12, 2008 at 10:16 AM PDT

If I ask someone else what a Jazooner is, probably they could think it is a character from Klingon, right ?

But for the people at Zurich organizing such a java international conference, it is a place for learning, sharing, talking about Java and meet good professionals. I am proud to be part of the show.

My session Tools and Tips to Diagnose Performance Issues, is scheduled at June, 24 at 5:30pm. At this talk I want to share with the audience, tips to help diagnose performance issues (cpu, memory, threads) and the recommended tools to use.

See the complete presentation program and speakers's list.

You can see detailed information at its website andChristian Frei's blog (co-organizer of Jazoon).

3 days conference pass for free

Jazoon is offering this free pass, to selected speaker who submit sessions entiled for the category "Jazoon Cutting-Edge", 15 min talks about thelatest trends, updates and highlights of the Java world.

The call for papers open from May, 01 to May, 16. See the website conference for more information.

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