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Java EE 7 Event On China Nanjing Software Valley

Posted by codeprince on January 13, 2014 at 3:20 PM PST

This is my first blog on! Happy new year!

At 2014/01/11, A big Java EE 7 event has been held on China Nanjing Software Valley jointly organized by China (Nanjing) Software Valley Joint Management Committee and China Nanjing Java User Group.

ChinaNanjingJUG( is founded at 2013, and focus on the promotion of Java EE and Java related technology into China.Until now, they have 90 registed members. Core members include, Tang Yong(founder, GlassFish committer), Wu Jie(co-founder, JBOSS expert), Jeremy(GlassFish committer), ChenXiaoMing(Java Concurrency Expert, GlassFish contributor), Jifeng(JPA and EJB Senior Engineer, GlassFish active contributor) and ZhangXiaDing(Spring and JVM Senior Engineer).

80 java guys from about 15 different IT enterprises attended the Java EE 7 event and Tang Yong presided over the whole event.

On inaugural ceremony, ChinaNanjingJUG’s support company(Nanjing Fujitsu NanDa Software Technology) and ORACLE China Nanjing’s Jim King also done brilliant speeches.

Nanjing Fujitsu NanDa Software Technology’s speech

ORACLE China Nanjing’s Jim King’s speech

This event included two themes, one is “Java EE's yesterday , today and tomorrow” which is spoken by ZhouRongHui who is also GlassFish Committer.

Java EE's yesterday , today and tomorrow

The other theme is about Java EE 7 spoken by ChinaNanjingJUG.

At the same time, there also was a lively discussion around Java EE and Java itself.

For example, some guys think that Java EE and open source frameworks will co-exist for a long time. Java EE still needs to improve development efficiency
compared to play framework and ruby on rails. Some guys think that Java language itself also needs to be improved compared to some dynamic language such as scala.

As to the promotion of Java EE in China, currently, people use some agile open source frameworks such as Spring, Struts, hibernate,... more widely than Java EE because of some historical factors. However, as is well known, Java EE is changing the new setup of the world for Java Enterprise Development. For better promoting Java EE, the following is my thinking,

1) actively holding Java EE related events in the future
2) translating and bringing foreignal execllent JavaEE books into China(by the way, we are ready to translate an websocket related foreignal book)
3) building some demos from real world for peoples and showing strong length of JavaEE
4) we still need more java experts with world level to come China!

Really looking forward to JavaEE's fine spring!

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