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Countdown to JavaOne 2010

Posted by communitymanager on September 16, 2010 at 8:06 PM PDT

I meant to be blogging about JavaOne for the last few weeks, but time got away from me.  There are so many great things happening with and so many cool things scheduled for JavaOne, and so much planning to be done, that I haven't had time to sit down and write it all down.  For most people JavaOne starts Sunday.  For me it starts tomorrow.  So now as the last load of laundry dries before I pack it up, here's a snapshot of what's been going on behind the scenes around here:

For -

  • A few weeks ago I hired a new program assistant, Tonya Colombe, to help me out with day to day site management and to help with the migration effort to our new infrastructure over the next few months.  You'll start to see her name around the site and dealing with community management issues.  Please say hello when you have a chance.
  • The long awaited migration to Kenai infrastructure is in the works.  The GlassFish Community is doing a test run over the next couple of weeks, and as soon as that's done, we'll start talking about scheduling the rest of the site.  I'll be blogging about it, project owners will receive emails about it, and we'll do a big ugly broadcast message on the site as well.  I know there will be a million questions on that, so I'm starting to write a FAQ now, and we'll link to it from here and the front page, and I'll be taking further questions on the blog after JavaOne as well. 
  • We are in the process of moving from our (EOLed and unsupported) Jive forums to a new message board system.  Users shouldn't see a big difference, but they will be much easier to maintain when we're done (being supported and all) and will also be much more tightly integrated with the rest of our CMS.  We expect to be testing on 10/4 and if all goes well we will go live with the new forums on 10/11.
  • We have a fantastic new site design to be rolled out along with the migration.  We'll be previewing the mockups in our kiosk at JavaOne, and I'll present them here after the conference is over.  I think you're going to like it. 

For JavaOne -

  • The kiosk and couches will be in the Mason Street Tent.  We're the last thing you'll walk by on the way to the beer, so you can't miss us.  At the kiosk we'll be previewing the new site mockups and talking about our plans for the future of
  • Our annual Community Leads meeting is scheduled for Saturday  - there will be leads from Tools, Mobile and Embedded, Robotics, GlassFish, NetBeans, and JUGs in attendance.  This is a working meeting where we'll talk about migration issues and start working on our roadmap for for the next year.
  • OTN (Oracle Technology Network) night is Monday night.  We're throwing a party and you should be there if you're attending JavaOne. 
  • The Java Posse will be doing a BOF in the Mason Street Tent Tuesday evening.  I'm very much looking forward to it. 
  • Kevin Farnham will continue the tradition of fantastic coverage on the front page of for those who can't attend, or for those who do attend but can't see everything they want to. 

If you come to JavaOne please come by the kiosk and say hello.  It's going to be a great week. 


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hmm ... still no way to edit

hmm ... still no way to edit a comment here? Trying again with the link:

Not here ... but a sister site ...

Looks like snoracle is pulling the rag from under the sun dev forums (on extremely short notice):

copying my comment for your convenience:

"I bet this forum is one of the most important single sources for getting top-quality high-expertise support on Swing - both for entry level and the finer points. Shutting it down - especially on the short advance notice of only ONE SINGLE WEEK sure does hurt the community even more than the neglect we got used to during the last years. Alternatives are ... not really abundant. Hoping for a similarly active replacement at Oracle feels (to me) like wishful thinking.

So .. what the hell should we do? What's the next victim? was down, bug parade was down - what are they doing? And more importantly, what can we do to keep a forum as alive as this rocking?

Really angry

Edited by: Kleopatra on 18.09.2010 01:06

specifically: following the link in the red text passages - "new forums will be created at ..." - that's just a overview page listing everything and its grandparents except desktop, let alone Swing"

Apart from that - enjoy your trip and the community, Sonya :-)











I don't know what to say on that one.

I'll ask around.  Our spiffy new forums will be up and running in mid October, and we don't expect to be down for longer than a weekend while we migrate content over.  The new forums here will allow us much greater control over spam and also integrate with some of the new social features we'll be rolling out next year.  While I'm sorry that Oracle is doing this with the other forums, I will be happy to host Desktop and Swing here in a much bigger way if Oracle drops the ball on their home sites. 

Someday you'll write me because you're happy about something, right?  :)