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Posted by communitymanager on November 3, 2010 at 10:21 AM PDT

The time is finally here.  16 GlassFish projects have been locked down on CollabNet and are scheduled to go live on the new site next week.  After that, the remaining 161 GlassFish projects are scheduled to go in another couple of weeks.  Once the GlassFish community has moved, we'll begin to move the remaining projects. 

This is an opt-in migration - we have thousands of junk, test, and abandoned projects on the site and we intend to leave them behind.  Any project owner can request that we move their projects, and any community leader can request that we move specific projects in the community.  Any project that is not specifically requested by name via the opt-in form by November 30, 2010 will be purged when the CollabNet site goes dark.  We will be keeping tarballs of the CollabNet contents and will be able to distribute them after the site goes dark, however projects that request migration are our top priority.  The opt-in form is here:

All you need to do is copy in the names of the projects you own or want to move, and we will be scheduling them on a first-come, first served basis in batches.

You will be notified as soon as we assign a date for your projects to move.  You can expect your projects to be read-only for some period of time while we do the migration.  The reason is pretty simple - CollabNet needs time to make the data dumps and deliver them to us.  Once we receive the data from CollabNet it will take us another two business days or so to get them uploaded on the new site.

I've written up some general info about the migration, and the GlassFish team has also been putting together documentation as they have started this process.  The initial information about what to expect from the migration process is below.  I'll publish links to the Getting Started Guide and a wiki when the new site is launched net week. 


Forge Migration

Project memberships and roles - All project members and roles will be migrated and mapped to roles that exist within the Kenai infrastructure.  These roles are Observer, Content Developer, Tester, Software Developer, and Administrator.

Users that do not belong to any projects will be migrated as well. The user email aliases will be changed from to will continue to work until the CollabNet site goes dark.  We do not yet know when the migration will be complete, but the earliest possible day is December 31, 2010. 

An email will be sent to every user as part of initial migration.  At first login to the new site all users will be prompted to update their password.

NOTE: During the migration process these passwords will not be synchronized with passwords on the old site and it will be necessary to log in to both sites separately in some cases while active projects are still moving from one site to the other.

Announcements - the project announcements page does not exist on Kenai infrastructure, and it is very rarely used by projects as a whole.  This page will not be migrated.  However, if you have content that you feel must continue to be available, we can help you move it to your project wiki on the new site.  This work will be done on a case by case basis, as requested.

Discussion forums - there are project-based discussion forums available on Kenai, but given the extremely low usage by current projects we are not making it a priority to migrate them.  If your project does have content in your project based discussion forums that you would like to migrate, we will help you move it on a case by case basis, as requested. The site-wide forums ( will be moved as part of the CMS in December.  Users do not need to take any action. 

Mailing lists - all mailing list content will be migrated and redirects will be put in place to access the archives on the new site.  All subscribers will be automatically resubscribed and non-members of will continue to be able to subscribe to mailing lists.

Post migration users will have to send email to the new mailing address for the list.  The old * addresses will no longer work.  The new address will be  Project owners should take a minute after migration is complete to look at the new mailing list moderation settings and send a note to the list to advise subscribers of the change.

CollabNet automatically created six mailing lists for each project on  No project uses all of those lists, and we will not be migrating the lists that have no content or subscribers. 

Mailing list bridges between the lists and the forums will continue to work exactly as they do now.

Documents and Files - this content will be moved into the "Downloads" section in the new project space and have a special URL. NOTE: Some metadata about the files may be lost in migration, but the files themselves with the correct names will be there.

SVN - SVN repositories will be migrated directly.  To access a repository the users must use the new location.

CVS - CVS is not supported on the new infrastructure for new projects.  As part of the migration process we will attempt to do an automated conversion to SVN.  If that conversion is successful, the code will be placed in the SVN repository for your new project space.  If that conversion fails, it will be placed in a CVS repository.  The CVS repository is not intended to be available permanently, and it will have a minimal feature set available to users.  Once migration is complete, owners will be able to do basic commits and checkouts, and can do conversions on their own projects as they have time, or request a tarball of the CVS repository to do with as they wish.  At migration checkin/out will be via SSH only.

Issue Tracker - Issues in's issue tracker will be converted to JIRA 4.  The mapping between the two systems is not perfect, but it will maintain bug numbers and all basic bug content.  URLs for older bugs might be redirected as time allows.  In general, all bug URLs can be replaced with the following substitution:

Old: https://<projectname><issueNum>


Project home page and web pages - CollabNet has supported several different ways for content to be read from the www folder in your repository to build out your site content.  The Kenai infrastructure provides various options to customize a project:

1) Wiki Home Page: allows owner to customize a project's home page with Kenai's wiki only but retains all Kenai default L&F.  See for details.

2) Website: allows to store free form project data or make it a default home page with a completely different look and feel.  See for details.  You can also get Website contents automatically updated via a repository.  See for details.

3) Custom Layout: allows a user to customize a project's home page and all Kenai infrastructure generated pages with a customized look and feel.  See for details.

All of your content will be migrated over in the repository and you will have access to it, but you will need to take some time to redesign your content using Kenai tools if you have customized it.

Existing Kenai Projects

Projects on will be given the option to move to early in 2011.  The specific date is undecided at the moment as we are concentrating on migrating and stabilizing first. 

If you have a project that currently exists partially on and partially on and you'd like to keep some portion of your content, please request that it be moved.  We will move the entire project, and then you can delete the pieces that you no longer need.  The rest of the project on can be imported early next year. 

LInked or Affiliated Projects

Historically linked or affiliated projects have been listed in the catalog but not granted a project space.  Starting with the migration, valid linked projects will be given a project home page as well.  Owners will have the option to simply put a note and the link on the page, or add more content if they like.  We require that that affiliated projects display the member button on their offsite homepage.  We review these projects occasionally to confirm they are still live and of interest to the community.  If you have a linked project on the current site we will contact you via email in the next week or so to confirm if you'd like a new page created on the new site, and to give you the new member button, which will have the new logo and looks much nicer than the old one. 

Content Management System

Our CMS covers all the areas of the site that aren't a part of the forge tools - our community infrastructure and pages, editorial content, forums, blogs, and wiki.

For the first few weeks of the migration the CMS will continue to exist as it has been on the CollabNet hosted site.  We expect to launch a new version with a new look and feel for the entire site in December 2010.  All major editorial and blog content will be unchanged, and all URLS will remain the same. 

The site-wide wiki will be phased out in 2011 since each project will be able to host its own wiki.  If you'd like to move your wiki content along with your project, we will distribute those files by request.  The conversion from twiki to mediawiki syntax is handled with a simple script.  Otherwise you will be contacted next year when we are ready to close down the wiki.  We will be redirecting pages as needed. 

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Comments Begins Migration

The new site seems pretty flaky.
I have to keep reloading page requests, probably 3/4 of the time I am getting "Server Error".
It took 5 attempts just to log in with the new password. Begins Migration

What about automated uploads and downloads from the Downloads section of Kenai?
Currently, at you can automate uploads to the Documents and files section with the help of the ant tasks.
Downloads are also possible, for example via Java with the use of a HttpURLConnection.
Is this or will this be supported with the Kenai infrastructure?
How to upload or download files to/from the Downloads section programmatically? Begins Migration

Can you display a list of projects which have migration requests in? I want to make sure that project owners are paying attention, and I don't want to post duplicate requests. Begins Migration

Yes, you can find an ugly version here:

I'll be posting a cleaned up list on the new site when it goes live on Monday and linking to it from my next blog posts.  From there I'll be updating the new site nightly through Nov. 30. Begins Migration

Can you *please* forward the old [project] URLs to [project]
There are so many blog pages, external wiki pages, web pages pointing to these projects...
It would be a real shame to break them all.

Thanks. Begins Migration

come to think of it... simply aliasing * to * just may do the trick Begins Migration

All projects that request to be migrated will be redirected as part of the migration process. Begins Migration

wow, seems you were replying to my post just as I was updating it! :-) Thank-you

I'm hoping for a smooth migration, unfortunately mine is one of the earliest projects, and therefore on CVS... (it was all we had way back then ;) Begins Migration

Great news! Now some questions.

1. I've moved almost all of my projects to some time ago (e.g. -> There's no more up to date stuff at, so I could probably let things happen, you delete them and eventually I'll move them back from As far as I understand, both domain will be kept ( and, right? Of course, if it's possible, I'd like to move back to to feel part of the community. But what about somebody in the meantime grabs my project names? It's possible to preserve just names at

2. I'm going to update a project at Kenai that needs to access some resources that I would put on the custom website of a Kenai project. As I assumed that will stay, there should be no problems... but if I eventually move back to, I'll need to release an update to the application with the new URLs. No big trouble, indeed. I thought that I could put directly the documents on the Java.Net facility, but I've understood that the URLs are going to change in any case... So stay at the moment at Kenai and update the app when I eventually move back to Java.Net would be better (ok, this is just not a question, but a loud-voice reasoning). Begins Migration

Wow, jvisualvm is still locked. I can now totally understand why hudson wanted to move to a better hosting plattform. Begins Migration

Hi Fabrizio,

1. Early next year, when the migration from CollabNet is complete, Oracle will be closing down, and all projects on will be given the option to move to at that time.  We will maintain a blacklist of project names so if there's no conflict now, there shouldn't be one at that time.  You could also request them and set up a link on the new site that points back to, and then replace that linked page when the Kenai migration happens.  We expect the to migration to be much less complicated than this one, since the infrastructure of the two sites will be the same. 

2. We'll redirect anything that goes to to once that migration is done, so you shouldn't have any trouble there.