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Bitter EJB Reviews

Posted by crazybob on February 16, 2004 at 11:33 AM PST

In the months since Bitter EJB came out, the reviews alone have made the hard work and social sacrifice feel worthwhile. If you'll pardon the shameless plug, I couldn't be pleased more by the warm reception:

"Well written... not just a catalog of antipatterns... will really give the
reader more insight into EJB."

ACM Computing Reviews, February 2004

"...the authors, all seasoned Java developers, have distilled many of their
more bitter
experiences with J2EE and EJB, and offer this information in the hope that
it will help
others avoid these 'negative consequences.'"

ACM Computing Reviews, January 2004

"The book's informal tone offers a refreshing change
from the ubiquitous
preachiness of other EJB tomes. It's pragmatic and doesn't
tap dance around
the fact that EJBs are often used incorrectly in enterprise
it's an effective way to avoid the potholes that have forced
developers off track in the past."

Software Development Magazine, December 2003

"a very timely book written by well-known experts in
the EJB field...It
focuses on
'what not to do' but still encourages developers to come up
with liberal
innovative solutions. excellent book for all EJB developers
and other
enterprise developers who want to learn from the successes
and failures of

"...a must read before you begin an EJB project. It will help prevent design
problems from
becoming application problems...It goes beyond describing all that can go
wrong but what
can be done to prevent it or correct it."

"The authors have used a unique way to teach concepts that are
key to good programming, not to mention to life in general."

If you haven't checked it out already, please do.