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Guice 1.0

Posted by crazybob on March 10, 2007 at 10:13 AM PST

We're pleased to announce the open source release of Google's internal Java dependency injection framework Guice. Guice wholly embraces annotations and generics, thereby enabling you to wire together and test objects with less effort than ever before. Annotations finally free you from error-prone, refactoring-adverse string identifiers.

Guice injects constructors, fields and methods (any methods with any number of arguments, not just setters). Guice includes advanced features such as custom scopes, circular dependencies, static member injection, Spring integration, and AOP Alliance method interception, most of which you can ignore until you need it.

An earlier version of Guice already powers Struts 2's plugin architecture. Google has been running Guice in mission critical applications for months, and now you can, too. We hope you enjoy Guice as much as we do.

Guice lives at Google Code. From there, you'll find the user's guide, Javadocs, and download. Please direct any questions to the mailing list.