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Jazoon'08 program published

Posted by cwfrei on April 2, 2008 at 4:18 AM PDT

We just published the program for Jazoon'08, check out the conference webpage Jazoon.

Speakers at Jazoon'08 include:

  • Dion Almaer, Founder of Ajaxian
  • Bela Ban on Cluster your POJOs with PojoCache
  • Cédric Beust on A quick guide to modern languages and interesting concepts for the busy Java programmer
  • Adam Bien on Glassfish V2/V3 - the killer appserver for development and production
  • Joshua Bloch, Google
  • Roberto Chinnici on An Overview of the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 6 (Java EE 6)
  • Jerome Dochez, Sun Microsystems
  • Roy T. Fielding on Open Architecture
  • Neal Ford on Building DSLs in Static & Dynamic Languages
  • Neal Gafter, Google
  • Rod Johnson on Where Will Tomorrow's Innovation Come From in Enterprise Java?
  • Heinz Kabutz on The Secrets of Concurrency
  • Dierk König on Automated functional testing of web applications
  • Ted Neward, Neward & Associates
  • David Nüscheler on The Revenge of the "Weblog in 15 minutes"
  • Martin Marinscheck on AJAX in Apache MyFaces
  • Martin Odersky on The Challenge of Scalable Languages
  • Simon Phipps on The Adoption-Led Market
  • Brian Sletten on Data-Driven Applications : Writing Less Code!
  • James Ward on Rich Internet Applications with Flex and Java
  • and many more...
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