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Making a Miracle (ticket)

Posted by danese on July 22, 2004 at 12:32 AM PDT

This is a story of helping out a friend, which is a good thing for community members to do if they get the chance. The friend in this story is Bruno Souza. He is the current Community Leader of the JUGS Community here on, and a more enthusiastic guy you'll never meet! (and he's a snappy dresser!)

Now, those of you readers who know me are not surprised to learn that I have spent some time in my life attending Grateful Dead concerts. At any Dead show, you can find sweet kids holding up one hand pointing to heaven (in a gesture later poached by the folks at Microsoft). It means they need a free ticket to the show. They are hoping for a "miracle ticket", and from time to time when I have a spare ticket I have been known to gift it to one of these miracle seekers. Its totally worthwhile just to see the beatific smile you get (and anyway, I can use the good Karma points :-) )

So anyway, an opportunity came along this week to bestow a Miracle Ticket to O'Reilly's OSCon on Bruno! Since I missed JavaONE this year (see my blog on GUADEC), I didn't get to see the Be-flagged Brasileiro in action this year. But thanks to Simon Phipps' trip to FISL we've all become familiar with Bruno's novel stance on the question of Java and Open Source. Hopefully he'll find time at OSCon to do a BOF on that topic.

But even if Bruno doesn't get to hold a talk at OSCon, its gonna be great seeing his smile in Portland. Bruno, é isso aí meu!

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