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Blogging JavaONE

Posted by danese on June 27, 2005 at 9:00 AM PDT

Now understand, 2 years ago I wrote a blog about sitting in the front row from the first JavaONE that had blogs (thanks to the launch of :-) ). This year however I'm just one of the regular folks, albiet an Alumni (thanks, Alvina!). So, of course ran into other alum-chums of mine in the morning keynote line...Ken Arnold and Emily Suter. Lookie, there's James! There's Simon Phipps...its just like old-home. You can take the Diva out of Java, but can you take Java out of the Diva. Actually, I haven't had my Java yet this morning...where are you Starbuck's!

Okay. so JavaONE begins...

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