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Java Is Now Open Source

Posted by darryl_m on November 17, 2006 at 9:48 AM PST

No doubt you've heard the news by now (Actually, this news is old by now. This blog was supposed to go out the same day we announced the open sourcing of Java, but, as you can expect, things have been really busy around here and there's been a backlog getting Sun employees setup on here's my "Java's Open Source" blog entry anyway), Java has been open sourced under the GPL v2 license. Not just Java SE, but Java ME and Java EE as well.

I work on the Java ME code, particularly CDC stack, the Connected Device Configuration. This is the stack which is designed to run on set-top boxes, PDA's, smart phones, and the like.

If you're interested in looking at the code, you can find it by going to (This redirects you to the Mobile & Embedded community on You'll need to register with first.), selecting 'phoneME' under the Projects section on the left side of the screen, and either downloading the code by selecting 'Download' on the right side of the screen and downloading the '' file, or browse the code online by selecting the 'Browse' link on the right side of the screen, and traversing to components, cdc, trunk. This is the root of the CDC code.

Have fun checking out the code.

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