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Where is development with Java going?

Posted by ddevore on July 16, 2006 at 12:40 PM PDT

Technologies have come and gone over time. Is the latest round of technologies getting the hype worth integrating into a Java system? I am interested in hearing the feedback of the Java community about the latest and greatest technologies.

Reciently I found myself looking for work. Being a Java guy I was searching for positions for a Java person. During this search I found many different positions with other languages listed right along with Java. Some of the positions I considered to a HR person posting a position without knowing what they were actually looking for, or what they can get. Like someone with 8 years of .net, 10 years of Java, 10 years of VB, 4 years of PHP, 6 years of Struts, 9 years of J2EE. There are also posts which were reasonable and have the new tech in it like PHP, AJAX, and Ruby on Rails. What I would like to ask the Java community is; are these technologies actually used in the real world with Java and if so how?

Are these other technologies something that the Java community should embrace? I have never thought that there was one solution or a generic correct solution for all situations but is integrating these with Java the way we need to be moving?

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