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EclipseZone writes about NetBeans winning "bossie" award

Posted by ddevore on September 19, 2007 at 8:12 AM PDT

EclipseZone has an article on NetBeans winning the bossie award which ended up being a better article than I expected. The article can be found here the bossie article can be found here.

I have been a long time NetBeans user and have used Eclipse in the past. My preference is NetBeans though I know Eclipse is a good ide also. The reason my preference has become NetBeans is because it has more out of the box than Eclipse and I would like getting as much as I can from the original and not have to worry about plugins. Some of the comments on the article were that Eclipse has more plugins and I can see why they would. First it has a larger user base and second it has less out of the box so it needs them. Another said that Eclipse beats NetBeans hands down for basic Java editing because of code editing, refactoring, and compile-on-save "feature". I don't think that the editing and refactoring are basically the same until NetBeans 6.0 is released. The compile-on-save is more of a nuisance to me than anything else. How many times have you saved a file and had Eclipse go into the world of not responding?

I am done commenting on their comments you can read them yourself here. What I think the IDE wars will come down to is the people ingrained in one or the other will stay with it unless thy meet someone who has a very strong conviction on the other convinces them to give it a try. They may try it but will not likely change for good. Then you have the people on the fence they will change from one to the other and will not end up using either significantly more than the other.

The only way I can see this scenario changing is if something happens to one of them that either spring boards them well above the other or one of the companies goes out of business, both very unlikely. If NetBeans wants to be have the larger market share they will have to get partners involved to promote NetBeans as the base of their tools. Eclipse does this which is where some of their share comes from. Personally I would rather be a leader than a follower but to increase numbers of users exposed to the wonderful features of NetBeans they will have to do something and this has worked for others.

Now go read the article and let me know what you think.

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