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JSF Visual Web JavaServer Faces in NetBeans Tutorial

Posted by ddevore on February 2, 2008 at 7:38 AM PST

I recently started working with JSF for more than simply messing around with the components. In performing this work I have found that some of the information needed to develop JSF seems to be missing or hard to find. Because of this I have decided to write up what I have found to pass along the joy of JSF.

Because the tutorials for working with Visual Web JavaServer Faces in NetBeans will require a project I will start by describing how to create a project. This should work in pre 6.0 but I have used 6.0 and the latest 6.1 dev version for this blog.

Create the Project

Select File -> New Project. In the dialog select Web category and Web Application project then click Next.

Choose a Project

In the next dialog give the project a name, I named mine JSFTableTutorial, and keep the default for Server, Java EE Verion, and Context Path. Then click Next.

Name the Project

In the final dialog select Visual Web JavaServer Faces for the framework and please change the Default Java Package, mine is com.jsf.tutorial yes I know it is not a good package name but it is better then the default jsftabletutorial. The rest leave as the defaults.

Choose the Frameworks

When you get done you will have a view in NetBeans similar to this.

Project View

This view shows the designer and the palette also in case you are unfamiliar with the NetBeans designer.

If you didn't get here from one of the tutorials on using JSF components you may be wondering why I wrote this. The reason is because I am writing multiple tutorials on using JSF components which all will need a project so here it is.

Please check back for a list of tutorials on using JSF components.

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I am having a problem with a web app i am making using visual JSF pages. I am interacting with a MYSQL database. I have a problem with displaying the blob types from the database in the actual visual table and on screen,. I have tried converting it to image them using image component to display it but it dosent work. Also when i set that field to image for table layout i get an error invaild type. Please someone help me out.

Hello Dru, I am developing a Visual Web JSF app and I have a problem. You will find it in GlassFish - Web tier forum and in NetBeans JEE forum. I give you the urls. GlassFish.- NetBeans.- You better see my post in NetBeans because I have made changes in the code. Thanking in advance, Jose Alvarez de Lara Sanchez