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Why we need to reconsider how we do technical presentations

Posted by Developer.Press on June 5, 2013 at 3:27 AM PDT

Technical presentations aren

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Make people laugh.

I did a lot of presenting over my years as a NetBeans evangelist and trainer, and I think one of the key things is to find a way to make the audience laugh. Make your point, but make it fun. If something goes wrong, well "It isn't really a demo until something goes wrong!"

I once included pictures of myself wrapping a toaster in plastic wrap and then trying to make coffee in it - to point out that often things you would never do in the real world are things that let you say "I'm a Rock Star!" as a coder. Or did a web service demo with a program that would invent random words - in Brazil once, it came up with a Portuguese word that was slang for "big ass" - the audience loved it. Humor doesn't detract from technical content, it makes it more memorable.

And have fun on-stage. Everyone enjoys watching someone enjoy themselves, and nobody enjoys watching someone not enjoy themselves.

I'd definitely agree with you there! Can't beat a bit of ...

I'd definitely agree with you there! Can't beat a bit of humour in a presentation!