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"It's Alive"

Posted by dhushon on March 22, 2006 at 6:20 AM PST

Today marks a milestone day for software developers... as a developer myself, I share the desire to build bigger and "less" complicated applications, but doing so often involves resources that I just didn't have - Scale, Network, Storage, things that my budget forced into the reality of a couple of machines that I need to manage, operate, keep up to date... most of you know this dilemma.

With the launch of Sun Grid, Sun is attempting to change the paradigm to one in which independent software developers can have the same resources available to them as the best funded of companies, and yet without the financial commitments associated with "owning" a data center - whether in your garage or elsewhere. As all of you know, developers are exceedingly important to Sun, and now that we have an infrastructure online, we can finally live up to our promise to our community members to establish a vibrant and valuable community established with the resources of Sun Grid, to allow each of you to realize your ideas (and help you monetize them).

I hope that you will take a new look at the Sun Grid Community, and help this community define the very substrate that is needed for Utility Network Computing.