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Forget Nip & Tuck -- Could There Be an RFID Implant in Your Future?

Posted by dmax69 on August 24, 2004 at 11:57 AM PDT

Is the Idea of implanting a passive RFID tag inside your body something that raises your Orwellian fears? Do you get Biblical "End-of-Days" shivers? Or is it a good thing, a next logical step, an inevitable development in the teleological vector of technological triumph?

Michael Kanellos' compelling article on C/Net yesterday must give us pause; how likely is it that a passive RFID arm tag will be a required implant in our increasingly security-conscious world? Would you submit? What if "implant or jail" was your only choice? Could such a system ever be technically viable let alone mandated?

RFID is the future, right? Walmart and the U.S. DoD can't be wrong ...

We can cite a litany of advantages to such systems, many of which are in use today: tracking small animals, keeping inventory of feed stock, monitoring those who cannot or will not conform to accepted social norms among others. So if it's good enough for your pet, your hamburger, your recently-released homicidal cousin or your aunt with Alzheimer's, then why not you?

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