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JavaOne - X - Catharsis and Denouement

Posted by dmax69 on June 30, 2005 at 11:54 PM PDT

In his book A Different Universe, Robert B. Laughlin writes, "In the world of computers one begins to confuse play with work, work with play, and business activity with fundamental meaning."

Visiting the Jeckyll and Hyde city (as Timothy so aptly describes San Francisco) has always provided a measure of insight for me ... I am a graduate of USF, a great school. I have attended most of the JavaOne celebrations since 1996, an annual pilgrimage, as witness and promoter of the Age of Java and the culture around it. I have been in and out of the city on business more times than I can remember since I first began to make a living in software in the early 1980s ... and I even hitch-hiked through San Francisco in the summer of 1970, while still a rebellious teenager in search of America.

This trip, this year, this 10th anniversary of the JavaOne celebration, has been a particularly insightful sojourn to the city for me, after 35 years of visiting, appreciating and learning from San Francisco.

Please bear in mind that I have fed a personal pro-Sun bias. As I may have stated in previous bloviations, I have admired what Sun Microsystems has stood for and the people who invented it before, during, and after my personal tenure with that firm. In truth, I have probably projected my own desire for

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