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JavaOne - X - Java Loves You

Posted by dmax69 on June 28, 2005 at 8:55 AM PDT

Yesterday I reported that there seemed to be more attendees this year ... which does still seem to be the case today. But I'm hedging now, because there was no official announcement (at least none that I heard) regarding attendance, which is rather unusual for a JavaOne, in my experience. Usually some announcement is made in terms of attendance. Not so this year. Interesting ...

The pavillion floor is a little odd as well. In a repeat of last year's debacle, Sun has once again taken a large cloistered island of real estate dead center show, but at least they seem to have spread out the booths a bit in '05, giving one a more welcoming feel when attempting to run the gaunlet of Sun's stuff. But that's not what is odd ... it's the collection of vendors.

Noticable by their absence is IBM (and Eclipse). Noticable, too, by their absence is another rather luminous Java Platform partner: Apple. And then there is the small oddity of Microsoft, deftly huddled in the back corner, trying to not seem so very obviously out of place.

Please don't think I am against the Redmond Giant's participation in this Age of Participation

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