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JavaOne - X - The Age of Participation

Posted by dmax69 on June 27, 2005 at 3:26 PM PDT

The Age of Participation.

That's was the focus of the Jonathan Schwartz keynote this morning. The Age of Participation ... presumably not named for the book by the same name, published in 1995. Is it a coincidence that the title of a decade old book emerged as the theme for the 10 year anniversary of Java? Hmmmm.


Okay. So it's a new age. I didn't know. I guess I was supposed to be thinking that we were still mired in the Information Age .... not.

Talk about lame. I can't believe a marketing machine as savy as Sun's couldn't do better than "The Age of Participation." Not only is it lame, it seriously begs the question. Beneath the Age of Participation nonsense is a not-so-subtle message that everyone, each and every unique soul on the planet, has something of value to offer in this wonderous new age.

What crap. First rate baloney. Despite rumors to the contrary,the "it's all good" ethic that seems to permeate just about everything we are fed in these interesting times is a blatant lie: it is most assuredly NOT all good. Some things are just plain bad. But I digress. The politically correct smell of "The Age of Participation" and the rhetoric supporting it was offensive to at least one blogger this year.

One thing Schwartz said was fascinating

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