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JavaOne XI - What Themes May Come...

Posted by dmax69 on May 16, 2006 at 7:39 AM PDT

What themes may come must give us pause...


The night before:

The theme at JavaOne this year (one of the themes) seems to be "The Power of Java." At least that's what appears to be the prominent theme walking in the Moscone Center the night before the official start of the events. It's a little difficult to say how many themes will come from JavaOne this year. The "Age of Participation" thing from last year, thankfully, seems to be all but forgotten.

What's interesting about this year is the start day - up until now, JavaOne was a 5 day affair; beginning on a Monday and extending through Friday, a week-long soiree with set-up on Sundays. Last year the Fireside chat (for alums only) was held Sunday evening. This year I flew in Monday morning, managed to register with no incident due to the dearth of registrants queuing up, and as I write
this during the Fireside, I can report without doubt that it is clearly not a standing-room-only crowd. There are perhaps two hundred in a room that would hold two or three times that many.

Walking into the dark Esplanade rooms at the Moscone for the Fireside this evening, the stage set with trees and shrubs, bordered by scrims with a shot of the sun ironically setting over a lake, I noticed that the theatrical touch of crickets chirping was odd to say the least. Why go to such lengths, and then simply, bring up the lights without fanfare or introduction? Beyond stating the names of the on-stage cast, the emcee launched immediately into a Q&A session. Someone
had a sense of theater, given the crickets and the staging. But evidently those sensibilities did not have either sufficient aplomb or influence to better script the event. Don't get me wrong: a Q&A with the Sun luminaries is a vital ingredient for any Java conference. But, generally, so is some foreplay.

Duke got big. A hefty version of Duke floats just inside the main entrance on the south side of the Moscone.


I saw lot's of familiar faces ... it's an alumni event the night before, so that's to be expected. The fact that the night before is now a Monday marks the beginning of the new era, I think. I noticed signage walking in that JavaOne 2007 is going to be a 4 day event too. Up till now, J1 was always a Monday through Friday thing with Java University held on Sunday ... at least that's the way it has been since I can remember (and I haven't missed too many of these Moscone shindigs).

I am searching for eleven interesting things at JavaOne this year. The list begins with this entry.

1) In year eleven, JavaOne began the new decade with less fanfare, less demanding ambitions, and perhaps more developers worldwide than ever.

It should be a good show...

The morning of:

I would have uploaded last night, but the spotty wireless at the Mark Twain Union Square got in my way. This morning I am sitting across from the registration area in Moscone North, within earshot of Big Duke, watching my fellow attendees file in. So far, no long lines at registration as in previous years, though there is a steady stream of people crossing the street with badges. Perhaps the Tuesday start will have other benefits.

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