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Picking up the pace!

Posted by dnourie on May 17, 2006 at 7:40 AM PDT

The pace has really picked up here at JavaOne. Streams of people going and coming from the rooms, the Pavillion is milling with crowds, but overall everything seems to be running smoothly.

Yesterday was interesting, starting off with the General Session, which hosted a live band, and lots of announcements. The main one was when Rick Green took the stage, and Johnnathon asked, "So when is Sun going to open source Java?" Rick looked rather uncomfortable, made a few jokes, and then replied seriously that "It's not a matter of when but how." Hmmm.

I had anticipated a lot of problems with the new Schedule Builder this year. John Gage, the opening speaker at the General Session, gave a lot of detail to the importance of using this new tool and why. But I noticed we were moving the session rooms quickly as we passed our Java cards over the scaners. I've only noticed a few people getting taken to the side because they were not registered, or their registration had not been properly logged.

The sessions are good. The speakers this year seem relaxed and articulate, and slides are filled with sample code, which is what developers want to see.

The session I went to on improving Swing productivity was good, though I think it would have equally made a really nice article in JavaWorld or some such.

San Francisco weather has caught up with us. The lovely sunny, warm air has given way to a thick, cold marine layer of fog. I can't see the bay out there this morning, and the Oakland hills that I could see from my hotel room yesterday is but a bit of memory in the light of day this morning.

Now, I'll eat then head back over to Moscone to mingle with the rest.

Have a wonderful day! Dana

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