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J2EE: There when you need it!

Posted by doj on March 2, 2006 at 7:52 AM PST

I was recently pointed at an article: 98% of Java developers "just don't need it", from a posting at In the article, the author muses that 98% of Java Developers don't need some of the advanced J2EE features such as XA and JMS, for many projects.

Firstly, I agree! However, the article did get me thinking... Is it that most projects don't demand these facets of J2EE, or that most developers don't consider them; either through lack of understanding of what the technology is, or because their project specification doesn't call for it?

What I think is important, is that J2EE provides the mechanics for doing this stuff, if you do need it.

Especially given the nature of how many J2EE projects grow organically, sometimes ending up as a completely different project that initially envisaged. Think of that little internal web-app that Joe in accounting had created... turned out that it was so useful, we need to roll it out everywhere. Well, isn't it nice that J2EE allows us to take these applications and grow them (both in features and scale) whilst staying with the same platform.

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