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A Fresh New Perspective

Posted by doj on June 29, 2006 at 8:21 AM PDT

I have, quite recently, switched to a new position at the company for whom I work. Previously, I had been in a strange sort of role; officially a team lead for our web development group, but realistically much closer to a traditional web developer position. I say strange, because this wasn't what I was hired to do, but was invariably the best way I could contribute to my organization. One thing that was undeniably true: I was close to the code.

Now, I've moved to a more traditional IT role looking at how we architect our solutions. This means taking several steps back and looking at the bigger picture. It also means stepping back from the code and the technology a little. It's something I've done before and found success... returning to my roots, you could say!

In my previous group, we developed and deployed hundreds of web applications to service our customers across the world. These range from simple forms to full-blown software distribution systems. And, like many businesses, we relied upon another team to architect, implement and administer the infrastructure needed for our applications to work. I'm now part of that team!

This change brings with it a fresh new perspective on how our groups work together, and how my past experience can be valuable in the new role. True, I'm no longer close to the code, but I'm close to people who are. This means I am able to influence how that development continues, without directly focusing on it. Perhaps you could say I'm now more concerned with deployment, performance, interoperability and stability, versus code quality, exploiting new libraries, etc.

So, I'd urge you to take a look at the bigger picture for just a moment, and try to discover how a different perspective on the same realm can really bring some great ideas!

I'm also keen to learn if you've had any perspective-changes that have changed how you view the Java-sphere. The earliest I can remember was shifting my thinking of Java in terms of Applets, to server-side. With so much that has happened in the world of Java, we have all undoubtedly seen many perspectives!

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