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BOF Discussion of GlassFish

Posted by driscoll on June 28, 2005 at 9:49 AM PDT

Despite a last minute change of time, and a change of room, we packed the room to discuss Project GlassFish last night...

I presented a brief overview of our project, along with Carla Mott and Amy Roh. We intend to make our slides available from the GlassFish site after the conference. After the presentation, we had about a 30 minutes for discussion. And what a discussion - the attendees really had me hopping. Many of the questions were pretty technical, but fortunately we also had some of our architects there.

The first question was one that I'd heard many times yesterday, while staffing the booth and walking around - how's this different than all the other Open Source projects out there, like Tomcat, JBoss and Geronimo? (Sorry Jonas guys, that's the list the I get in the US.) And, why should I use it? After all, I'm happy where I am.

Well, if you're truely happy using the product you currently have, nothing I say will make you want to change anyway. But, assuming that your happiness is less that perfect (computer people rarely find the One True Software), let me throw a small list out there (hardly complete):

  1. We're cutting edge stuff. Our Java EE (formerly J2EE) engineers work directly with the people leading the specs. In some cases, they are the people leading the specs. We've always been first out the door with the new stuff, and we're going to keep that up. In many cases, we're beating the other guys out the door by over a year. Also, on a side note, please note that Tomcat isn't on the list I linked above. That's because they're not Java EE. Some people are confused about that. (Are you one? Let me know, and I'll put out a blog about what I mean when I say that...)

  2. We've been doing this a long time. In fact, some of our engineers (and me) have been doing this longer than anyone else on the planet. That's because we were part of the team that came up with the very idea of Java EE. Now, that's a mature team, and a mature codebase. We're pre-beta right now, but even given that, I think you'll be pleasantly suprised by how we're doing with our code stability.

  3. We're very proud of Grizzly. Other folks will eventually do their HTTP stuff this way, too, but for now, we're first. Come check it out. If you haven't heard about Grizzly, and you're at JavaOne, come to the talk today that goes over the tech behind it at 2:45 today, in Hall E 134.

  4. We're also proud of how easy we are to use... Come by and download, and see what I mean.

I'll leave the list there for now, but I could go on. After they've rested up from this week, we'll get out the horsewhip and have our marketing guys come up with a list for you, since this is such a common question.

As always, I'd love to hear your comments.

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